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Dental Outsourcing & Dental Travel Lab Romania

Nowadays quality dental treatment in Western countries like USA, Canada and European Union countries such as Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Austria and Spain is very expensive, so more dental practices and dental laboratories choose to outsource work in developing countries, one of them being Romania. In addition, many people from Western countries travel to Romania to enjoy a high quality dental treatment but at very affordable prices.

Dental travel in Romania is a great option because there are qualified doctors and modern dental laboratories. In fact, most of the materials and equipment is the same as in Western countries because in the world there are few suppliers of dental products.

Dental outsourcing laboratory in Romania is a good option for dental laboratories from countries like the United States or Germany. In these countries the level of salary of qualified dental technicians is high and because of recent economic problems from all over the world the demand for dental products is low. By outsourcing their work in Romania, these laboratories have the chance to survive the economic downturn because they get high quality services at very affordable prices.

Some leading dental laboratories in Romania are located in Timisoara, in the western part of Romania. These modern laboratories are equipped with Hi-Tech dental equipment and have experimented with dental technicians who can solve any level cases. Dental clinics from Timisoara who are partners of modern dental laboratories are also well equipped and serviced by dentists with many years of practice.

Outsourcing and dental travel in Romania is safe because Romania is a member country of the EU. Timisoara is a city with a rich historical heritage, but also a very modern city. It has many areas in development, shopping centers, hotels, residential areas and is deserved by an international airport.

Having an airport in the vicinity of people can travel to this city from anywhere in the world fast and comfortable. Furthermore, getting and sending packages containing dental products is quick. So it is not surprising that dental laboratories on the western side of Romania have partnerships with dental offices and laboratories from many countries, especially from the USA and Germany. At the same time, more and more people from Western countries contact a laboratory to organize a dental trip to Romania.

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