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Did scientists use Tesla Tech to make rain inside the desert?

Absolutely it was rainy from the Middle East summer previous months. Thus, super rainy, which can be unusual for a desert. A company called Weather programs boasts that they induced all that rain, working with a program of magic weather control based on technologies initially designed by Nikola Tesla in 1890.
While it’s really all rather secret, tech way of generating rain Weather programs apparently also works through the use of matrices of about twenty 30 feet and metal towers resembles a few umbrellas to fire ions negatively charged into the atmosphere when it gets the humidity over 30%. Presumably, these ions appeal to dust particles, which in turn resort to h2o molecules, and then Puff, you have clouds and rain. Making use of 5 separate websites-located near Abu Dhabi, Weather programs is always rated for 52 thunderstorms that occurred within the path through July and August months to survive 12 months.
So what do the experts believe?
“As a lot as I deal with it I think these says,” said Roelof Bruintjes, who heads central national for global meteorological atmospheric modification modification packages. “There is no scientific basis for this, physics is not going to help.”
“It’s rubbish, which is absolute trash,” Joseph Golden, a former senior meteorologist for the forecasting techniques lab in the national climate service, informed by Fox News. “I really do not think for the nanosecond.” “They’re not progressing so you can get something out of the clear sky.” “I never want to play like Tom Cruise here, but I’ll show you the data.”
The consensus seems to be that the rainstorms in the query were related to your much larger wet conditions craze through the entire area that was also responsible for your floods in Pakistan nearby, and that the weather update towers becoming turned on it was just a coincidence. Until, of course, technological innovation was rapidly operating too well …
Weather techniques are not helping their situation by keeping every thing higher than the nominal magic formula, and until they have performed some scientific and rigorous supervision tests on their system, they will just have to rethink the creation of sacrifices to Zeus to make sure that this California drought would not go worse.
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