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Did scientists use Magic formula Tesla Tech for making rain inside the desert?

Last summer season was rainy in the Middle East. Like, super rainy, which is unusual for getting a desert. A company listed as Weather programs boasts that they have all led to the rain, using a weather control program employee magic formula on the 1st know-how designed by Nikola Tesla in 1890.

Even though it’s really all very Hush-Hush, the tech way of Rain weather systems development apparently performs is to work with matrices of up to twenty 30-foot steel towers in the shape of some negative charge ion chimney umbrellas in the atmosphere if it will get more than 30% humidity.

Presumably, these ions attract mud particles, which in turn get water molecules, after which PUF, you have clouds and rain. Using 5 different internet sites, located near Abu Dhabi, Weather Methods is taking ratings for 52 rainstorms that occurred within the area for the duration of July and August of the season finale – Web Site.

Which authorities do you hire?

“How anxious are you usually do not hear these say,” hinted Roelof Bruintjes, who directs the National Center for Weather Analysis atmospheric change plans. “There is no scientific basis for this, physics would not help it.”

“That’s rubbish, which is absolute trash,” Joseph Golden, a former senior meteorologist for the nationwide weather forecasting systems laboratory program, told Fox Announcement. “Never imagine that to get a nanosecond.You are not heading to have anything out of the clear sky.

I do not want to sound like Tom Cruise, right here, but I visualize the data.”

The consensus seems to be generally that the rainstorms in finite number linked with a considerably wider wet climate trend over the whole territory that was also responsible for that floods in Pakistan nearby, and that the climate modification towers currently ignited it was just a coincidence.

Unless, needless to say, technological innovation was simply doing the job too correctly …

Weather Methods is not helping their event by keeping everything secret, and as long as they do not perform some scientifically rigorous supervision tests on their method, you’ll just have to keep on making sacrifices to Zeus to make sure that this California drought is not going to get worse.

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